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18 Aug

Wildflower Meadow Maintenance.

Landscape Services (SW) Ltd have been busy recently cutting wildflower meadows. These areas are becoming very common on new developments and if managed correctly look fantastic. They can take a few years to really get going but once everyone understands how they work and get to enjoy the flush of colour in the early summer they really appreciate them. The meadows are full of insects and other wildlife and you can really see the benefit they have to their surroundings. Once the meadows finish flowering the plant-life is allowed to set seed. We then cut the dead growth down but leave it for around a couple of weeks to allow for seeds to drop. Then the dead growth is removed. This is crucial as these flowers thrive on poor quality soil and therefore we need to prevent organic matter rotting down and improving the soil. It all sounds a bit contrived but the benefits are there for all to see.

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