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20 Nov

Planting season in full swing.

Autumn brings a rush of work. We are busy with all the normal maintenance works such as leaf clearing as well cutting grass ( it's been so mild it is still growing!!) but the planting season is also now in full swing. We always try to save this work for the Autumn as the weather is on our side. There is nothing worse than planting in a heatwave when things require watering daily. Our clients are understanding and we always have a big amount of planting waiting for us between October and December. We usually have a delivery a week and unpacking and sorting the plants is a major operation before we even put a spade in the ground. This year we have been particularly busy with clients seeming keen to carry out improvements. Long may this situation continue. There is nothing better for us as maintenance specialists than replacing poorly designed landscaped schemes with planting suited to cost effective maintenance. It never ceases to amaze me how designers with "rose tinted specs" lumber sites with planting schemes more suited to National Trust properties.

Rant over.

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